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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mommy, I got some...

Mommy, I got some (did something, had something, went somewhere...), pretty much any sentence uttered by a 3 year old that states something in the PAST TENSE, will get your ears picked up and make you a little nervous.

Right before nap time, JMonster marches into the office and announces, "Mommy, I got some lip stuff!" Lip stuff means chapstick, or blistex, or in this case Avon brand cherry lip balm. I looked up and saw this:

After trying very hard not to laugh, I took him in the bathroom and cleaned him up. And the bathroom counter. And the cabinets. And the floor.

Independent little booger!


Baloney said...

I'll take chapstick over poop any day. On his hands. All over the toilet. All over the paper roll. All over the clothes. All over the floor. I could go on and on.

Love the picture!

backwoods conservative said...

Well, what do you expect from a little monster?