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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Score one for the Good Guys!

Craigslist, as most people know, is a bit like ebay but easier to navigate and FREE. Only they have allowed women and children to be posted on the site, turning a blind eye to the reality that these people are likely being used in the sex slave business and being trafficked across the US.

For that reason, I never ever under any circumstances use Craigslist. I'll pay more for something just to keep them from getting one red cent of my money.

Online classifieds giant Craigslist said yesterday that it will replace its "erotic services" section with a new adult category that will be more closely monitored, responding to criticism that the popular Web site has facilitated prostitution across the country.

Craigslist chief executive Jim Buckmaster said on the company's blog that every ad posted to the new "adult services" category will be manually reviewed and that the section will be scrubbed of blatant sex-for-money ads and pornographic pictures. It was unclear, however, how a company that employs 28 people intends to screen the thousands of ads, and what criteria will be used. (Washington Post article)

Now, this isn't the be all end all answer for human trafficking in the US. But it is ONE STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION!

Craigslist, may I be so bold as to suggest you get rid of adult content altogether?


PJ said...

That would be too easy!

Swizz said...

And they might lose money. Awww, the almighty dollar seems to always win out over morals. It's the way of greedy people, I mean, of the world. ;o)

Baloney said...

How is that not illegal here?
I never use Craigslist because... I just never use Craigslist.
Now I have a better reason. :)