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Monday, February 23, 2009

A Song to Tickle Your Funnybone...

Be prepared to laugh! JMonster, who is 2 years old, sings his favorite song. This isn't his major rock and roll version...maybe I'll add that one, too. But he LOVES the song America and wanted everyone to hear him sing it. Go ahead! It's less than a minute long, but will keep you smiling!

A transcript for those of you that don't speak preschooler:

"AAAAhhhh...Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the greatest show on the Earth. I have a song for you.

Um, I have a question for you...

whisper, whisper"

Swizz responds,"yes, you can sing America..."

JMonster sings America (with his own twists on the words)!


Johnny said...

that is the most AMAZING song I have ever heard!!! Ok I might be a little biased ... No it is the most AMAZING song of all time. That kid is just too cute :) Takes after his daddy!

Patterico said...

That is awesome.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Patrick, and I have no relation to JMonster. Fabulous!


Frankie in VA said...

Too cute!