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Friday, February 27, 2009

How well do YOU compare to students around the world?

So I was stumbling .gov today, just for a few minutes!, and came across the site. Thought I'd wander around in there for awhile to see what the government wants our kids to know about US government. There's quite a bit of good info, broken up by grade, so if you have a kid and want to help them understand government...check it out!

One of the things I found interesting on the site is a quiz you can take that compares you to students around the world. You tell it what subject, how many questions, and then take the quiz. It tells you how many you got right and wrong, then how you compare.

Go try it!

Then come back and post a comment with the subject you took, how many questions you had, and how you compare! Let's see those ADULT American scores!

1 comment:

Swizz said...

I took the 10th grade science...20 questions...scored (drum roll please!)


You would hope so since I WAS a middle and upper school science teacher. Oh well, it was fun!

Now post YOUR responses. I'll take more tests and post later!