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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

An introduction to my views on politics (part 1)

As I mentioned in my intro to this blog, I am not typically a political person. I tend to avoid all sources of news, and put my head in the sand when it comes to things that might make me feel icky. This year, though, I decided I needed to be an adult and take an interest in the political really dig into the issues and vote based on what I found. So, I did.

Today, while eating a "picnic" lunch with little JMonster (this is what he has asked me to call him, so from henceforth JM will be JMonster!) I saw a bit of CNN on the flatscreens in the cafe. I watched our President arrive on his plane in Denver to sign the new stimulus bill...something that has me so disheartened I want to cry. I've looked over a lot of this bill (in the form passed by the Senate) and see so many things that are unnecessary add-ons, things that are ALREADY IN OUR BUDGET!!!, that I want to cry. Why? Because my 2 year old son is going to be paying for this. Because there were many, many ways to help the economy other than adding this many zeros to our deficit. Because I do not believe that any of the representatives of the people really read what they were voting for.

Now, here we are sitting in a cafe eating a lunch that we brought from home, and all I can think is that my son, my small precious boy, doesn't have a clue what is being done to him this very day. To him, his friends, and their children. All for programs that really aren't stimulus programs, but social programs that have been denied by the people for ages and are being pushed through in the form of an "emergency". An emergency? Can't we take a few more weeks to really review our options and come up with the BEST plan? Or even a GOOD plan?

What do all of you think? Have you looked over this stimulus bill...really? Do you know what is in it? How do you feel about OUR money being thrown around like this, with so little planning and very little regard for other options?

More on my views on politics in the next edition (part 2) of An introduction to my views on politics...and who knows when that will be!


Anonymous said...

S, please consider the millions or billions wasted previously. No bill is perfect, but surely putting money into the US as opposed to a crazy & stupid war, even if it is slightly unfocused, is better.

JMonster will be paying for this the same as Grace and Samson.

Susan said...

Yes, let's put money into the economy! But, throwing bad money (and that is what this is!) after bad money isn't the answer. IMHO...