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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Laundry Disaster...

In our house, I gather and separate all the laundry, wash it, lay it out (fold some of it) and The Rev puts it all away. A decent arrangement. This morning I went to change the laundry...JMonster had wet his sheets overnight (not a big deal, but needs to be dealt with quickly)...and move some of his clothes I had washed last night from the washer to the dryer. As I was moving them, I noticed some rather unusual lint all over them. Now, I've forgotten my fair share of tissues in pockets, but I was thinking that I must have left an entire BOX of tissue to get this much lint. I grabbed another pair of pants, and there...hiding behind the pants, was an absolutely huge, water-logged PULL UP! It had gotten so oversaturated in the wash that it had exploded all over the laundry. AAAAhhhhh! So I gathered the clothes from the dryer and put them back in the washer (after removing the offending pull up), and am rewashing the clothes with plain water. I'm hoping that all of that gel doesn't clog the washer, but is washed away. If it is still there, I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do!

Just checked the laundry...all of the gel is gone! Wahoo!


Baloney said...

Been there... done that.
Not fun!

Anonymous said...

ah yes... me too