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Friday, February 20, 2009

My views on politics (part 3)

I was driving home from getting my yearly physical and an MRI on an injured foot (I'll share about this in a later post) and couldn't believe the number of law enforcement officials out on the highway. Parked on the side of the road, driving...they were EVERYWHERE; more cops than I've seen on a non-holiday afternoon in a long time!

Then I saw the traffic update billboards.

There is an Amber Alert for two young girls from South Carolina, apparently abducted yesterday after their mother was stabbed in a domestic dispute. I didn't know the details at the time, just that the children were abducted and last seen in a tan Isuzu Trooper. My thoughts immediately went to the child(now I know children) and how I hoped and prayed they are safe. Admittedly, it's always possible to find these children safe and sound and that they will be returned to their families, but it seems we hear more and more about that NOT being the case...and I feared that it would end poorly this time as well.

So, what does this story have to do with politics? Weeellll...I think I'll share my opinions on crimes against the innocent (especially children), rehabilitation, and the death penalty since these are the things that crossed my mind while thinking about the abduction and the abductor.

It is my STRONGLY HELD opinion that there is a special place in HELL for people that hurt children! An even lower level for people that purposely hurt their own kids. I'm not one for overusing the death penalty, but in cases where children are involved...BRING IT ON. I'm also not one that is usually for revenge, but I think justice would be met if the family of the victims were allowed to follow an eye for an eye type of retaliation. I say this, and part of me means it, and another part of me is shouting that this would not help and justice WILL be our Lord when they stand in judgment. But is that good enough for me? What if it were JMonster? How would I feel THEN? Would I be able to forgive, or would I want to hurt them in the same way they hurt my baby? I don't know. I've never been there. But it makes me ill to think that anyone that can do this is allowed to keep walking this Earth.

Do I think criminals can be rehabilitated? Absolutely. Some of them, but not all of them. Are there people I think are just evil and beyond helping? Yes. I do. People that have no regard for human life, for others, and sometimes even for themselves.

Do I believe in the death penalty? Yep, I do. If I weren't a believer, I would think that putting these type of people in a huge concrete silo in the middle of the desert with no food and no water and no way out would be too good for them. Sticking a needle in their arms and watching them quietly go to sleep permanently? No problem with it whatsoever.

This may sound harsh, and to some of you it may sound very much unlike me, but I believe in justice. Not the type the law hands out, for much of the time law and justice are not the same, but justice where people get what they deserve. That being said, I am grateful that our God DOESN'T hand out justice that I deserve. For as hard as I try, I fall short. He hands out mercy, for that is what I need.

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