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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Religion Quiz

How much do you know about religion?

And how do you compare with the average American? 

"Take our short, 15-question quiz, and see how you do in comparison with 3,412 randomly sampled adults who were asked these and other questions in the U.S. Religious Knowledge Survey.
This national poll was conducted by the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life from May 19 through June 6, 2010, on landlines and cell phones, in English and Spanish.
When you finish the quiz, you will be able to compare your knowledge of religion with participants in the national telephone poll. You can see how you compare with the overall population as well as with people of various religious traditions, people who attend worship services frequently or less often, men and women, and college graduates as well as those who did not attend college."
~ as found on The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life website

Good luck!  

Be sure and come back to share your score and what questions you missed.


Swizz said...

I scored 14 out of 15...that darn question on whether a teacher can read the Bible as literature stumped me. The correct answer may be true, but I'd bet my big toe there'd be heck to pay. :O)

PJ said...

I just took this right before I read your blog :) I missed the same one you did - pfffth!

backwoods conservative said...

I scored 13 out of fifteen, missing the literature question and the one about when the Jewish Sabbath begins. Not bad for a non-believer.

Baloney said...

Missed two. I knew the literature one. I missed the Jewish Sabbath one and the nirvana one.

Ash said...

12 out of 15 - missed "Job" and #14 nirvana and #15 thought Billy, but #15 was the only one that I just threw a dart.

I'm actually quite impressed :-)