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Monday, September 20, 2010

Quick update

Life has been crazy lately.

Not bad.  Just busy!

We went to Dallas for a week...

spent lots of time in museums!

The Museum of Science and History in Fort Worth has changed since I was a child.

Some of the change good, most of it bad.

Lots of hands on entertainment for the kids.

NONE of the interesting know, with the dioramas?  Like in Night at the Museum.

Always loved those!

Gone, now.

The Dallas museum was nice.  Done in two buildings.

One pretty much like the new FW museum, the other like the FW museum of old.

We had a blast!

We've been to hockey again.  Even got JMonster the rest of his equipment!

We've been homeschooling...

Learning to read.
Doing the calendar and singing.

Bible Study is up and running.  Love that group of women!

Totally enjoying myself!


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