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Monday, September 6, 2010

Curriculum ORDERED!

Today has been a BIG day of ordering curriculum.

First I ordered our Bible Study curriculum:

There was much weeping and gnashing of teeth as the website was backordered until the end of the month.  OUR STUDY STARTS NEXT MONDAY!

Went to the phone and called local bookstores.  Same story...backordered.

Went to  Too expensive.

Searched the internet.

Went BACK to  Ordered.  Got free shipping AND an unexpected discount.  Ended up a little cheaper than the first site.  I gotta say...God is SO good.  I was worried.  He took care of it.

Then I ordered our homeschooling curriculum.  A friend had let us borrow theirs...water was spilled on it, we now need to replace it.  Plus we really want our own copy to mess up. :O)

We ordered the K4 parent kit, which includes everything you need, really.  Not the student version, but we can do without that.

It's definitely WAY less expensive to homeschool, but it still isn't free. 


The Martin Family said...

saw this today and thought of's the great cirriculum swap next week. :)

Swizz said...

Thank you! I'll go check it out!