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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Unique thoughts (on Politics)

Just like there are no new books written (you've heard that before, right?)...

There are no unique thoughts on politics.

We may THINK we have a unique and different idea

but in the end someone will already have thought of it.

So the idea I'm about to share is, of course, not new.  It has been thought of.  It has probably been debated and discarded.  But in my stuck in the sand little mind, it's new to me.  And...I can honestly say I've never seen it written about.  Not even once!

My, oh so not unique thought is this: 

Although I do NOT agree with the idea of government healthcare, I am a realist.  I understand that there are things which are outside of my control.

If we MUST have a government run healthcare system, and if we eventually are to go to a single payer system (GOD FORBID!!!)...I will go along with this, and not have great tantrums, IF:

We adopt the Fair Tax.


We make it a level which will fully support the healthcare initiative.


The healthcare system is governed by NON-POLITICIANS who are equal make-up of liberals and conservatives.


An individual's physician, in conjunction with a team of physicians, has FINAL SAY on an individual's care.  The team gets involved if and only if there is a questionable outcome.

Okay.  I think that is it.

My un-original political thought.

Now discuss.


Texan Mama @ Who Put Me In Charge said...

Wait, can the premiums be leveled based on income? I mean, i don't want to pay the same amount as Bill Gates for equal health care. I know we should pay equal amounts for equal care but I couldn't afford that! Maybe he'll have to subsidize me...

And thus begins the debate.

I am with you Swizz.

backwoods conservative said...

1. I do not believe a government run, single payer system is inevitable.

2. In order for such a system to work as well as its proponents promise, it would need to have an infinite amount of funding. That's what makes it such a pipe dream.

Of course, there are many on the left who seem to believe the government does have an infinite amount of its own money to spend, and that is one of the biggest problems I have with liberals.

Swizz said...

I think I'm feeling a bit defeated by our government right now. And not sure how we, the people, can respond. Especially when so many of us, the people, don't have a clue!

I had a friend say that they want a government run healthcare system because they didn't think it was fair for businesses to have to bear the brunt of the cost. What!?! Who will, then?

And if you say THE GOVERNMENT, then who is to pay the money to the government? Hmmm?

I'm not saying I WANT a single payer system. Nor do I really think one will work, but if that's where we head (I never thought Obamacare would pass, either, people...) then having it paid for BY EVERYONE since it is FOR EVERYONE just makes sense to me.

Keep discussing!

backwoods conservative said...

Hang in there, Swizz. November's coming. And it appears that a lot of people are waking up.

The Democrats are their own worst enemies. I knew when they became the party in power that they would overreach. They can't help themselves.

Our Founding Fathers wisely set up our system of government in such a way that mistakes on the part of the electorate could at least begin to be corrected by another election two years later. The electorate made a big mistake in 2008, and it will be followed by a big correction, possibly lasting for several years thereafter.

Swizz said...

Backwoods, thanks for the virtual support...I needed that!

Texan Mama...there would be no premiums! It's all based on taxes.

It'll never happen, I'm just spouting off at the mouth. As usual.