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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Blog award!

Thanks Baloney!
Here are the rules:
  • Reveal 7 truths about myself
  • Select 7 blogs I would like to share this award with.
 Seven truths:
1.  I am an introvert.  Sometimes that comes across as shy, sometimes as stuck up.  I love to talk, it is just draining to me to do "small" talk.  I don't do it well, and I end up frustrated.
2.  I am a reader!  I absolutely LOVE to read.  Mostly mysteries, but other good fiction as well.  Give me a good book and I'm a goner!
3.  I am an organizer at heart.  I love things to be organized and in their place.  I will organize other people's homes, when invited to, as well as their purses, cars, etc...
4.  I hate to clean!  While I love to organize, I'd rather someone else clean the floors, scrub the toilets, and make sure there isn't any dust in the house.  I especially dislike doing laundry.
5.  Going hand in hand with numbers 3 & 4...if I feel overwhelmed in a situation (cleaning, mostly) I get frozen.  If I feel out of control I tend to just shut down and do nothing.
6.  And that stems from the fact that I am a CONTROL FREAK!   I have a deep seated need to be in control.  Not of you, necessarily, but of my situation.  Though if you make stupid mistakes, I might feel the need to control your life as well.
7.  And finally, I am emotional.  I feel EVERYTHING very strongly.  EVERYTHING.  I have to shelter myself much of the time so I don't take on other people's problems...I'd end up crying all the time!  Or screaming.  I would make a horrible therapist. ;O)

Seven blogs:
1.  Patterico...he'll never do it, but it would be fun to see my brother's answers!
2.  Shades of Blue and Green
3.  Who Put Me in Charge of These People?
4.  Lyme is Crazy!
5.  What if... (She's just getting started and it's so much fun to get an award as a newbie!)
6.  YOURS!
7.  ????? (Okay, I don't know people!  I don't follow that many blogs!)

If you do this, please link back so I'll know!  I'd love to read YOUR answers.



The Martin Family said...

These are some bloggers I know you'd love:

1. The Pioneer Woman - she's a foodie and a homeschooling mom on a ranch. I love her kid and animal need Charlie in your life.

2. We Are THAT Family - what started out as funny family stories has turned into a family mission to help women in Africa. Kristen is inspiring - and she's in Spring, TX!

3. Bakerella - she's total indulgence - her cake pops will make you popular wherever you's how to win friends and influence people...for us introverts who can't make small talk :)

4. I'm an avid couponer and meal planner - I love Erin at and the ladies at and Tara at

5. And a great Christian mommy blogger who talks about everything from faith to kids to remodeling.

6. She's a homeschooling mom to SEVEN kids and lives on a military salary...true inspiration!

7. Too many great bloggers, too little time....the last I can remember off the top of my head is She has a sharp wit and a sharp tongue...beware.

Baloney said...

We are so much alike. I won't claim to be a control freak, but I will take over if no one else will. I just can't stand indecision! Are you sure I'm not your twin?
There are lots of great blogs about homeschooling, special diets, recipes, money saving, mission work. All very inspiring.

Dawn said...

I completely agree with #5 and #7!!!

I wish I could keep things organized. It just takes so much work. Ha!

Ash said...

These all sound too familiar. Better to not make a decision that make the wrong one, right?


Would love to see your brother's answers as well :-)

And #7 has been on my mind a lot lately. Interesting, the sheltering point. I feel like I need to run for cover myself.

Thank you, thank you for thinking of me!

PJ said...

Okay - I finally posted :)

Thanks!!! It's always fun