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Thursday, August 20, 2009

One in the Win Column for Food Allergies!

Yesterday we had JMonster's preschool teachers visit us here at the house. They go to every student's house before school begins (can you believe it!?!) so the kiddos feel more comfortable the first day of school. All was ordinary, until the discussion concerning JMonster's peanut/tree nut allergies began.

"In the past, we have not been able to create a nut free environment in a classroom. We just can't guarantee that."

Hmmmm? I'm not sure I understood you. You CANNOT keep my child safe?

"You can call the administrator, she is new, but in the past the administration has not been willing to declare a room nut free."


Last night I read through the packet they left for me. It was written specifically for JMonster's class. "There is a child in our classroom who is allergic to peanuts. We ask that you help us create a safe environment for them. However, it is okay for you to send peanut products for your child..."


(Deep breath.)

I left a message this morning for the director to call me. She did.

I won't give you the entire conversation, but the gist of it is...wait for it...I know, you can hardly stand it...

The ENTIRE school is going PEANUT FREE!!!!! Hallelujah!

And I was ready to withdraw JMonster. It was one of the first things out of my mouth. The last thing out was a HUGE thank you for her being willing to take on a Goliath of an issue the first month of her new job.

She is my new bff!

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Baloney said...

So nice to be taken seriously, huh?