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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mixed feelings

This past week, while I was in Atlanta, The Rev and I signed papers with an agent to rent out our house. Much deliberation took place over renting versus selling; renting won out due to inability to get the houses in our neighborhood to appraise for their true value because of pre-foreclosure sales and neighbors just giving their houses away.

Today the agent will stop by the house to take pictures for a flyer. She will put a sign in our yard. She will put a lock box on the door.


It's going to work out. I know it will.

It's hard to think that someone else will be living in OUR house...the house we've lived in the last 8 years of our lives. The house we brought JMonster home to. The house that is in the best neighborhood with the best neighbors.

(sniff, blow, wipe the tears...)

I'm okay.

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