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Monday, August 24, 2009

Missional Monday

One of my most devoted readers mentioned that they were helped recently by a wonderful organization in their area. I would love to focus this Missional Monday on that particular group...

Salkehatchie Summer Service is a pioneering servant ministry at selected sites in South Carolina involving high school and college age youth, adult community leaders and persons of different cultures in upgrading housing, motivating community cooperative efforts by helping persons to help themselves, and providing all participants with opportunities for personal growth and service.

How Can I Help?

* Volunteer - Youth willing to work and adults with skills to share are needed.
* Donate Supplies - Lumber, paint, caulking, plywood, linoleum, paneling, nails, etc. may be brought to individual camps.
* Financial Support - Cash contributions are needed and appreciated. Registration fees and conference benevolences do not cover all of their costs.

Please take some time and check out this wonderful organization on their website! See if their mission can help you match your passion with your purpose.


backwoods conservative said...

My experience with them was cetainly a good one. Thanks for giving them a recommendation. They deserve all the help they can get.

Baloney said...

I like your missional Mondays. :)