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Friday, August 28, 2009

Biting my Tongue!

So many of my friends are liberally oriented that it can make having daily conversations or even friendly Facebook updates "sticky". I'm not used to having to censor my words as much as I have since the presidential elections took place.

And now that Obamacare is getting so much media attention, I am having to bite my tongue as friends "talk" about government run healthcare as the next best thing to sliced bread.


Where do they think the money will come from? The GOVERNMENT?

How much debt are they willing to let the US get into? And they complained about BUSH putting us in debt? REALLY?!?

I'm not a jerk. I DO think people deserve basic healthcare. But we are heading down a slippery slope and I WILL NOT be one of the lemmings who just run off the edge bleating while following our dear "leader". No way. No how. Uh uh.

(The one with the life-preserver is ME!)

Just add me to the list of unAmerican conservative homegrown terrorists. We're growing in numbers by leaps and bounds!


backwoods conservative said...

I sometimes refrain from speaking my mind in the presence of liberals because I know I'm dealing with closed minds. Obama himself is forcing a lot of those minds open.

I have an elderly uncle who likes to send out mailings on various liberal and environmental issues. I had been ignoring them, figuring he is old and set in his ways and there's no use arguing with him. I recently had seen enough and returned fire. A lively debate ensued. I don't think I really changed his general attitude on anything, but all the time I've spent in the conservative blogosphere enabled me to show him the holes in a lot of his beliefs.

I think we're seeing a lot of conservatives around this country reaching the point where they can no longer remain silent.

I find it interesting that you identify yourself as a conservative when a quiz you posted a while back pegged you as a centrist. The overreach of the leftists is causing many people to recoil and head back to the right.

Swizz said...

Although my tendency is towards moderate, I align myself with the conservatives. I find myself more "like" them than liberals.

Am I deluding myself? :o)

backwoods conservative said...

I don't think you're deluding yourself. You do seem to be a sensible person.

Baloney said...

I'm so tired of the twisted reasoning of the liberals. I don't want anyone to be without healthcare but I don't think it should cost me MY healthcare to do so.