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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons!

I haven't talked much about JMonster's learning...

I've mentioned we LOVE homeschooling!

When we started this whole homeschooling thing, JMonster couldn't read.

Not one word.

He knew his letters.

He knew the sounds they make.

(Thank goodness for LeapFrog videos!)

We have been using the MOST fabulous book to learn to read.

After 20 lessons, JMonster could read a short book.

He absolutely LOVES the program by the way.

And BOB books.  We LOVE the BOB books.

We are 30 lessons or so in.  Yesterday I was making my grocery list.

"I'm going to get a piece of paper and make a list, too, Mommy!"

Off he went to get paper.

I figured he'd draw pictures and scribble a little bit.

"I'm going to add tomatoes to our list."

A minute goes by.

"See Mommy?  Tomato!"


The scanner didn't do it justice, but he wrote TMATO the first time, and when I told him he left out the O after the T he wrote it again correctly.  On two lines, but spelled the right way!  Pretty darn good for a kid who has been reading for barely over a month!



Dawn said...

That's so awesome! Glad to hear about the recommendation on the program.

When I taught kindergarten, I encouraged all the parents to buy the Bob books through our book orders.

I think they are great early readers.

Swizz said...

Dawn, it's amazing how well he responds to this program! Excited every time we get a new sound. Cannot wait to read the short stories. I would recommend it to anyone trying to teach their child to read!

Texan Mama @ Who Put Me In Charge said...

That's awesome!!! We had that book when I tried to teach Peppermint Patty, then Charlie Brown, then Linus to read. After many failed attempts I gave up. I could never get the slide to the dot thing. Maybe I am just dumb! or busy with a zillion children!!! LOL