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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I voted...Did you?


I went to vote today.

Gave the woman my driver's license.

No name in the book.


Called the judge over.

She called voter registration.

Not listed.


Didn't they ask me if I wanted to register when I got my driver's license?

You may vote...provisionally.

Your vote may not count.

But, you will be registered to vote.

However, it would be a good idea for you to fill in this form to register...just in case.

Bureaucracy at its best.


Ash said...

I'm just thankful that it's a midterm. If this was two years ago, baby, watch out!

backwoods conservative said...

I'm 51 and I haven't missed an election since I got old enough to vote. Very good turnout. I voted in a small rural precinct in SC's Third Congressional District. I arrived at 10:00, what should be about the least busy time, and had to wait in line for an hour. This is a conservative area so that does not bode well for Democrats.

PJ said...

I've had oodles of trouble with my voter registration & found out the least efficient way to do it is when changing a driver's license. First they changed my name. Then I changed my address when we moved -- associated with my drivers' license & it didn't go through. So, then I changed my address and they changed my name back to my maiden name! so now I'm registered at my new address with my old name. Try explaining that at the polling location. Good thing I have a mail-in ballot.