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Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Sun and the Moon

I've been contemplating lately.

I know, dangerous, huh?

What I've been contemplating is a bit...deep.  So if you're not ready for deep you'd better stop reading.

If you ARE ready, grab a cup of coffee and let's chat.

As most of you know I am living with my identical twin sister.

She moved to town almost 2 years before I did.

She built her house in our neighborhood and got established almost a year before I moved in.

She has roots.  And friends. 

We all live in our own little solar systems.

Did you know that?

We all have our families, our friends, our jobs, our places of worship...

And most of us think of ourselves as the sun in our little solar system!

Our solar system may not be the same size, made up of the same types of planets, but it involves us and "revolves" around us.
Lately I've been a moon.

A moon doesn't produce it's own light.  It REFLECTS the light of a greater source.

I've been reflecting the light of my sister.

Now, that's not a horrible place to be, but it isn't where I was MEANT to be.

Her light is not MY light.

I'm beginning to remember that now.

I am, however, not aiming to become the sun in my solar system anymore.

I've decided to stay a moon.

I will not be reflecting the light of my sister...

I will be reflecting the light of a much brighter sun!

The Son.

Are you a sun or a moon?  
What do you want to be?

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Dawn said...

I love this! Awesome post.

It's always best to be a moon. Thanks for the reminder.

Swizz said...

Dawn, thank you! This post was on my heart and I wasn't sure how other people would take it...I'm glad you got it!