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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Keep your fingers crossed!

We have a contract in the works for the leasing of our home in Atlanta.  
We've negotiated back and forth over the past 2 weeks.  
Final contract has been sent to the tenants.  
Just waiting for them to sign it, return it, and send us a check.  
Or two.

Once again it will be strange to have people living in our home that we do not know.

However, I trust that they will take better care of the place than the last tenants did.

(Did I ever tell you the damage they left?  Holes in doors, pulls in berber carpet...oh, don't get me started on the yard!)

Wish us luck!

Next time we sell the place.



backwoods conservative said...

You have ten ants in your house? You mean you counted them? :)

But seriously, I remember it bothered me a bit the first time I saw somebody living in my old house. It didn't take long to get over it. I like where I am better.

Swizz said...

Ten that house maybe. In THIS house we're living in I was beginning to think the carpenter ants were going to kick us out. Or charge US rent. :O)

I'm glad you like where you are better. Most days I think we made a great choice. Others I want to move back.