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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dental Emergencies revisited

Yep, we had another dental emergency in our household yesterday. JMonster hit the very same tooth he almost knocked out last time. This time it is chipped and looks like it has a fracture running across it. (Sigh)

Tomorrow we go to see his NEW pediatric dentist for the first time. We had planned on getting a cleaning appointment, but now we'll do both.

Cross your fingers that the damage is minimal and my baby won't be toothless until he's 7!


Baloney said...

He won't be the first to have a gap there! Just be glad it's not a permanent tooth, yet.
Hope things go well at the dentist!

Swizz said...

UPDATE: JMonster did NOT have a fracture in the tooth! They filed the tooth smoother and went ahead and did a cleaning.

It was a traumatic visit, one I hope to never happen again, but we are thankful that there was no permanent damage done.

We do miss Dr. Bates from ATL, though.