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Thursday, October 29, 2009

A small thought on Obamacare...

I LOVE the Discovery Health Channel. I can watch most of the shows any time of day (although I typically only watch TV in the evenings and only for an hour or so).

The other evening my sister and I were watching a fun show called Deliver Me. It is a great show, but this isn't about that.

AFTER Deliver Me came a show about Homebirthing. This is a trend here in the US and overseas where pregnant women deliver at home with NO SUPPORT. Their husbands (or "partners") are there, but no mid-wife, doula, doctor, etc...

This isn't a debate about homebirthing.

Will you get to the point already? :o)

One of the first segments of the show was of an ob/gyn office in Great Britain. The waiting room was MASSIVE and pregnant women were EVERYWHERE! Most of them looked like they had been there for quite awhile and were digging in for the long haul.

All I could think as I saw that room is HERE is socialized medicine at its best. Long waits. Large waiting rooms filled to capacity.


Choosing to take away choice.

Ironic, isn't it?


backwoods conservative said...

I've been saying for a while that the reason people voted for Democrats is they just thought they wanted to live under Democrat rule. It had been too long since they actually had to live under it and all they had to go on was their great promises. Heck, a lot of Obama's supporters weren't even born when Carter was president.

Clinton had two years of a Democrat Congress before the voters sent him a Republican Congress to deal with. Much of the successes of the Clinton administration were the result of Republican Congressional initiatives, but most of the sheeple only think of who is president. That's why none of the problems that resulted from Democrat control of Congress during the last two years of the Bush administration were blamed on the Democrats.

Mostly Diane said...

We lived in Canada as US citizens for around 2 years, and no matter how poor or how crappy our health insurance is in the USA, I DO NOT want socialized health in any form. The taxes were outrageuos. Middle class people cannot afford decent housing, dishwasher etc because they are paying a huge price for really crummy health care. Oh and immigrnats and illegal aliens and even Canadian Citizens visiting other provinces do not get "free health care".

backwoods conservative said...

I might add that one of the things that led to the voters sending Republicans to Congress in the 1994 midterm elections was the Democrats' attempt to nationalize health care.