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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Pics!

isn't there a joke in there?
The twins were the only parents with costumes!

The others...not so much.

JMonster Power Ranger, Red Galaxy to be exact!

Trick or Treating by "Hayride"!

The Bride of Death...when asked why she chose this costume, 

her serious reply was, "It's what I had."

JMonster and his cousins...and Anna Sophia (AKA Trouble!)

Tried a second time...still not good!

Cousin "A" and Megan, the beautiful butterfly

He couldn't be any cuter missing those 2 front teeth!

I'm waiting....I'm waiting...I'm waiting...

JMonster's Power Ranger buddy Colt!

Don't take a picture...okay, cheese!
When Dads get lazy passing out candy, they congregate on the cul de sac.
What a great night!  Happy Halloween from the Power Rangers!


backwoods conservative said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun!

I wanted to dress up as something really scary for Halloween but I just couldn't make myself put on an Al Gore costume.

Swizz said... are too funny! Hope you had lots of trick or treaters, but no tricks. :)