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Monday, June 11, 2012


We went to the circus!

What may not seem like a big deal to most families, was a HUGE deal to the Swizz family.

Peanut allergies can keep you from SO many of these types of events!

Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus came to town.
(Not bad for Bryan/College Station!)

I called ahead to get "special" PEANUTS!

That means we sat up one section higher than everyone else!
We basically had an entire LEVEL to ourselves!

Here is the event, in pics:

Swizz, The Rev, and JMonster!

Swizz's twin, "Flower", and "Bean"

"A" wearing G-ma's sweater.  Didn't manage to capture G-ma on film!

Yes, that IS a man under that board!
A favorite...and kinda scary!

These 2 were the running act...the MC kept trying to kick this guy out of the ring!

One of my favorite parts...the ELEPHANTS!

3 beautiful, happy ladies!


(And no peanut issues, whew!)


backwoods conservative said...

Nice pics!

The closest I've been to the circus since I was a kid is my job shuttling railroad crews around sometimes puts me near the trains that haul the circus people around. Last year I was manning the yard van when they marched the elephants across town to put them back on the train. It was quite a sight.

Swizz said...

Thanks Backwoods, my ever so faithful reader! Sorry it has taken me this long to get back in the blogging groove. :o)

backwoods conservative said...

You post more often than I do. I have to actually get out and make a hiking trip or something to get material to post. I did recently get one little hike in. If you still have my blog bookmarked, check out the post about Twin Falls.

As much time as I spend in the blogosphere, it's no problem to click on yours now and then to see if there's anything new. I just don't need to check back here as often as I do Hot Air, for instance, which is a very busy place.