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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Skiing Park City

Yes, yes this post is months late!

But better late than never, right?
(Oh, HOW did I get this far behind?  Homeschooling.  That's right!)

We met up with our friends, the Baloneys.

It was a fabulous trip...friendships were forged, strengthened, and all around solidified.  
I couldn't have asked for better!

Our trip, in pics & videos:

Swizz and JMonster on the lift


Tired and Hungry after a morning of skiing!  Time for lunch!
A video of JMonster skiing.  Sorry for the quality!  Most of our pics early in the trip are blue.  Go figure.  I was trying to keep it smooth in the beginning which got me behind so then I had to "skate" to catch up. :o)  And for some reason the audio isn't working on my computer.  Maybe it is on yours?

Michael, The Doc (not OUR doc, but Baloney's), The Rev, Jeremy, Swizz, and Baloney!
Hanging out in "Downtown" Park City
I know you didn't!  (Don't worry, I got The Rev back!)
Baloney thought this was HILARIOUS!  Notice I have my skis with me.  

Swizz and JMonster build an igloo!  (Notice the look in my eyes...THAT is altitude sickness!) 
Somehow I think the mic was off for most of our videos on the trip.  Dang it!


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backwoods conservative said...

You didn't really procrastinate. You just wanted to look at pictures of snow on a hot summer day.