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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Does the Presidential campaign REALLY matter?

Before you blow your top at me, hear me out.

I do NOT mean

Does the Presidential ELECTION really matter.

What I mean is...

Can either candidate say or do anything between now and the election that will TRULY sway the final decision?

My opinion?

I think NOT.

Conservatives will vote conservatively, whether Romney is outed for something big, or not.

Liberals will vote for Obama, whether his tenure shows true progress, or not.

And those who say they are undecided?

They're big. fat. liars.


What do YOU think?


backwoods conservative said...

Unfortunately, I think there are people who are undecided, who don't really pay attention until it's close to time to vote, and then only listen to who's promising what. The ones like me who pay close attention all the time and see the difference between what the politicians say and what they do, and judge the actual results of the policies they enact, are all too few. Elections are often decided by those who pay the least amount of attention. :(

Jonni Baloney said...

I hate the whole thing more and more every year.
And no, the campaigning will not change my vote.

Pamela Root said...

It matter only in that it makes me hate the candidates until I begin to feel my vote is more about the lesser of two evils rather than the best choice. Having said that, it doesn't really change my vote - there are only 2 choices after all and one of them has NO chance of getting my vote, no matter what he says about the other.