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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I thought I killed the fish!

Yesterday I decided that it was time to clean the fish bowl.  I mean...REALLY time to clean the fish bowl.  It had white gunk floating on the top.  A sort of crust.  This has never happened in the 3+ years we've had a fish so I'm still not quite sure what went wrong.

I did as I normally do and put Dorothy, the betta, in a separate cup.

I boiled the water.

I scrubbed all of the stones.

I scrubbed the bowl.

I scrubbed the plants.

I then put spring water (yes, I purchase spring water for the darn fish!) in the bowl.

Sparkling clean!

Back in went Dorothy.

(Dorothy is a MALE fish, by the way.  And is Dorothy the 2nd.)

Dorothy I

Dorothy immediately started gasping and went straight to the bottom of the bowl.

Where he stayed for almost an hour.


And causing JMonster to be very concerned that he would die.

We got on the internet and looked up fish illnesses.

By the time we finished that, he was better.

Go figure.

Dorothy lives!

Will watch out for white gunk in the future.



Angel said...

Swizz, love the blog! Thank goodness bettas are resilient! Fish are so fickle about whether they are prepared to stay alive or have a toilet bowl funeral. I've always wondered if bottled water is always properly oxygenated for fish??

Baloney said...

Heehee. I wondered if you knew Dorothy was a boy.
I just bought the drops and used those in the water when we had fish. MUCH easier.