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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cleaning out my closet

I'm still here, people!  Sorry for the lack of communication.

No excuses!  Just busy...

The Rev asked me months (okay YEARS) ago to clean out my closet.  I own clothing I've had since I cannot remember.  Maybe middle school? :o)

I've noticed that most of my clothing goes unworn, because I'd rather grab a comfy dress or a pair of comfy lounging pants and a comfy shirt.  

Are you catching on to the trend?

I'm not a slob, but lately (okay, most of my adult life other than when I was working) I've taken to dressing like one.  I tell myself it is out of comfort, but why must I let myself go?


I'm guessing that is part of it.

Low self esteem?

Why go there?

Mostly it is just easy.

And mindless.

(And oh so comfy!)

And I tell myself I'm trying to not be vain.

But does fixing yourself up to look halfway decent fall into the category of vain?

I'm learning it doesn't.

Why should my husband look at someone who is sloppy?

I don't have to put on make up, but shouldn't I at least do my hair?

And by do, I mean more than pull into a ponytail.

How about you?

Do you dress for the day?

Do your hair?

Maybe put on some makeup?

Or are we most likely to catch you in a pair of yoga pants with a ponytail?


PJ said...

Oh, such a point you make. You'll catch me with yoga pants & a pony tail. If I do manage jeans & a cute sweater, I MIGHT do my hair -- OR make-up, but definitely not both. It's a sad, sad state. I know. I think of it as prioritizing where I spend my energy. I can get all dolled up & not have enough left to leave the house. Or, I can have a productive day & look like a slob. Hmmm. Neither really sound all that good, but that's where I am.

Baloney said...

Once upon a time, when Michael was a baby, I could go a whole week without makeup and wearing only sweats.
Over the last few years I have craved a day when I don't have to get fixed up. Too many places to go that require a little effort on my appearance.
That is about to change though. I'll be recovering from shoulder surgery in mid January and won't even be able to fix my hair for quite some time. Yuck.

Swizz said... have a good reason for it, at least! Mine is just mental! always look so nice to me! What are you having surgery for? Did the Doc hurt you? :o)

Texan Mama @ Who Put Me In Charge said...

Okay, here is the truth from ME:
I bathe every day but I only wash my hair a few times a week. That's because I fix it after washing it and it takes a while, and I don't want to go through that whole rigamarole every day. So, clean body, semi-clean hair.

Also I never do makeup because my hubs prefers that. HALELUJAH. But I do a tinted moisturizer because it evens out my skin and also is a moisturizer so helps with wrinkles.

AND I have worked very hard to find comfy AND fashionable clothes. It takes a long time, but when I find something good I buy multiples of it. Dressy shirts that can wash & wear, nicer pants with elastic waistband, jeans with a good amount of stretch. And I've gotten better in the last couple years with throwing things out when they start to wear. In the past I was wearing things that were downright thread-bare. Shame on me!

backwoods conservative said...

No, I don't put on any makeup. That must be a girl thing. :)