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Monday, June 21, 2010

Growing up too fast

Tonight I was getting JMonster ready for bed, brushing his teeth, putting on his nighttime pull-up, etc... when he asked:

"Mommy, how long is it going to take?"

(Very impatient tone of voice.)

"How long is WHAT going to take, buddy?"

"For me to be a teenager."

"A teenager?  When you're 13 you become a teenager."


"Why do you want to be a teenager?"

"So I can drive."

"Drive what?"

"A car!"

He's 4.

I never would have thought it would start this early...


Baloney said...

Jacob has been bugging me about teenage stuff too! Must be something in the air.

Hawaiianmark said...

That "Hey you" comment to post is too funny so I felt guilty for getting here via 'next blog'....


backwoods conservative said...

Isn't the time kids start learning to drive the same time their parents start getting gray hair?

Swizz said...

Backwoods, too late! I started that in my early teen years. ;o) guilt! We're all about FUN here! Come back and visit more often...

Baloney. We always said two peas in a pod!