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Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Confess!

I'm in the middle of doing this elimination diet.  Remember?

It hasn't been too bad so far...

I've had a few instances where I might have eaten something I shouldn't.

The first time I still don't know what it was.  Major repercussions, though.

The second was at a restaurant.  Ordered plain salmon and it came with a sauce I couldn't have.  
Sent it back, they scraped it off.  Hmmm...

But today?  

Today I cheated.

I just HAD to have a yummy cup of coffee.

I figured one wouldn't be horrible.

Fixed it just like I like it.

It WAS horrible.


My precious coffee!  Why hast thou forsaken me?


daflowers said...

is it time to start drinking it black? not sure Swizz w/o coffee is a good thing.
took me years to get 'bossman' on coffee at work.

PJ said...

I've learned to ALWAYS ask for a new plate or they will just scrape it off. Frequently I even do something to it so I'll know that they replaced it (like douse it with ketchup). As for your cheat -- it happens. Just push re-start. You'll be fine! :)

PJ said...

I just saw this and thought of you ... worth a try. I'm going to try it!

Swizz said...

Thanks PJ! I wish I had asked them to take the plate back again...we had about 20 of us, though, and the thought of having to wait all over again seemed worse than the consequences of eating the minute amount. Later I regretted it!

Thanks for the coffee update as well! I love my coffee!