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Monday, May 17, 2010

Food allergy heartache

I took JMonster to his gymnastics class today.  As we were leaving another child asked his mom if he could have some candy out of one of the candy dispensing machines.  She, being a sucker nice mom, said YES and gave him some money.

"Skittles, Mommy!  I want Skittles!"
(This is JMonster's response to seeing another child get candy.)

After reminding him that that is NOT how we ask for something, I told him that we have Skittles at home and NO we are not getting any candy.

"Please!  Please, Mommy."


I then had to explain that I didn't know if something that had peanuts in it had been in the machine before that candy was.  We don't know, so we can't use those machines.


On the way home I hear JMonster pipe up from the back seat...
"Mommy.  Why did God have to make peanuts?"

Now I had to explain that peanuts are not inherently bad, some people are just allergic.  We then talked about how, when he is older, we might be able to go to a doctor and get desensitized to peanuts.  Maybe they can help him to not be allergic.

"I AM older Mommy!"

Hmmmm....I'll call an allergist when we get home.

After we've barely walked in the door at home:
"Flower, we are going to go to a doctor and he is going to help me not be allergic to peanuts!"

(can you see the small tears trickling down my cheeks at this point?)

So I called.  They don't do it here in Smalltown, Texas.  No allergist does.  They did say they had great results with staying away from peanuts and having kids outgrow their allergies.

"Daddy!  If I stay away from peanuts, maybe I can have some tomorrow."

Pure optimism.

And a broken heart for Momma...who knows that what we all want is very unlikely.


The Uptons said...

If you are interested, I can get the name of a doctor in Houston who does this with children. A really great friend sees her with her adopted child and we considered taking both Maxwell and Miller. She doesn't take insurance, but I think it would be something you could look into. Let me look through my email and see where her name and website it. She is located in NW Houston and is only about a hour and 15 minute drive. I will email you. Also...I have done an elimination diet and have a friend who has done them extensively twice while nursing a baby. She is an expert!


PJ said...

Awww. I take desensitization drops; I wish you could do that for him! Breaks my heart just reading it!

Baloney said...

Time is a whole different concept to them, isn't it? Hope he outgrows it. I'd be so sad without my peanut butter. :(