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Friday, September 11, 2009


Here are a couple of songs to help us all remember the significance of today:

Where were you?

Have you forgotten?

Have You Forgotten - Funny videos are here


Swizz said...

I will NEVER forget that day. How I felt. How sad and angry I was. Going down to the medical center in Houston to give blood in hopes that there were excessive numbers of people trapped in the rubble that would need our life saving blood. Knowing the next day or so that there weren't that many people in need...that so many of those trapped hadn't made it.

And now, the anger that others have forgotten and even blame the US for this tragedy.

God Bless the USA. And protect our soldiers as they continue to fight for our freedom. Amen.

backwoods conservative said...

I came very close to not knowing about it. My usual routine after working the night shift was to eat, sleep, and check the Weather Channel. I was not yet online and I usually didn't check any news channels. It just happened that a friend called me that particular morning. While he was on the phone with me, someone came into his office and told him about it. If not for that call I wouldn't have known till I got to work that night.

Baloney said...

I had forgotten - about these songs. But I will never forget that day.