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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Today is the first day of Preschool and I've been PAROLED as a Prisoner of Summer '09.

Em In Pursuit

JMonster has been denying ALL summer that school was coming. Every day or so he'd say, "Momma. I'm not going to school today, right? Not tomorrow either, right? Not for 3 more days, right?" I would reassure him and pat him on the head. Next day, repeat...

S came in my room this morning to wake us up (JMonster had climbed in my bed around 6am). "Wake up! JMonster...we're going to school today!"

JMonster broke down SOBBING. "I don't WANT to go to school today, Mommy!" More sobs. "I'm going to YOUR classroom."

"I don't HAVE a classroom, buddy."


"I don't this year. You are going to be fine."

"You're NOT going to leave me. You'll be there."

And the conversation went on from there. I finally got him calmed down, dressed, and we left for school after a nutritious breakfast of cinnamon roll muffins.

On the way to school The Rev wanted to talk to JMonster so we gave him a quick call. I handed the phone to JMonster and the first thing out of his mouth was, "Daddy, I'm having a BAD day today."

You can imagine me rolling on the floor laughing at this point.

My twin sister and I left the kiddos and headed to a cute local coffee shop to meet some girls. It was fabulous!

Here are S & JMonster on their first day of school!

Getting ready to leave

On the way!

"Official just arrived at school pic"

"Look, they have CARS!"


It seems that JMonster played in some water today and got his shirt soaking wet. Thus, the change of clothes.

All in all, it was a wonderful first day of preschool. And no peanut disasters! Whew.


Baloney said...

Wow - he sounds like Jacob. Jacob likes to say he is sick every morning and can't go to school. He does great once he is there, though!

Patterico said...

Great pictures!!!

Swizz said...

Patterico, did you go check out the new family pics? They are wonderful!

Kim said...

Glad he had a great day at school Swizz! I'm relieved that my girls did too. :)