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Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Possible Child? Or two?

If you are new here and have no idea the roller coaster of our Infertility Journey go click on the tab at the top of this page.  Go ahead!  Grab a box of tissues, read through our journey, then come back and read our latest news!  

I have to admit a certain amount of unbelief.
Did I mishear God when He promised He would increase our family?
Is He going back on His promise?
(I know!  I know!  HE KEEPS HIS PROMISES!  It is ME who has an issue here, NOT GOD!)

He keeps reminding me of Noah.
Who prepared in the face of others thinking he was crazy.

I've often wondered if Noah kind of thought he was crazy, too?

A few days ago a friend approached me and said her Mom works at an adoption agency and there is an 18 month old little boy who might possibly be placed soon.

His mom is pregnant again as well.

HER mom just passed away, and she had been the person caring for the child.

Were we interested?

Are we interested!?!


So right now we are asking for prayers.

Prayers for this child whose world is possibly about to be turned upside down, that God would place him where he NEEDS to be not where we desire him to be.

For the unborn child.

For us to have peace through this process.

And for financial blessing if God wants us to have one or both of these children!

I find it amusing that, like Noah, our blessing might come in a pair!

In the meantime please, please leave a comment, message, or something letting us know you are praying!  It means a lot!


meadows said...

Oh, Susan! We will be praying!!!

Mary O'Kelley said...

Susan, I will be praying for you, Johnny and John Michael, as well as these little ones. Please keep us posted!


Pamela Root said...

So excited for you -- reminds me so much of our story with Adam. God's love for us is to big that it gives me shivers! He is faithful to his promises! Praying for the ultimate outcome.

Rebekah said...


backwoods conservative said...

Not a praying man, but definitely rooting for you. I hope it all works out well for you.

daflowers said...

Our prayers for you have never ceased, but now they will increase.