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Thursday, January 5, 2012

JMonster's First Piano Recital

JMonster started taking piano lessons in September.

On December 17th he had his first recital.

Boy, was he NERVOUS!

He did a fabulous job...see for yourself:

Let JMonster know how he did in the comments!  I'll let him read them!


backwoods conservative said...

All right! JMonster, you the man!

The piano is far and away my favorite instrument, and has been all my life. I grew up with an older brother who played piano, and took lessons myself for a while. I gave it up far too soon. Classical, Rock, Pop, Ragtime, Gospel, Country, it doesn't matter. If it's played well on a piano I'll listen to it. I look forward to seeing the growth and development of a real Piano Monster.

Elle said...
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Ash said...

Oh you know how I'm a complete sucker for sweet little boys! And one of my favorite Christmas hymns as well. Very well done JMonster.

You're a very talented and brave little man.

Ash said...

P.S. oops ;)

Johnny said...

You are the MAN!!!!