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Friday, December 9, 2011

Meet the Twins!


Okay, so technically they are embryos.

And technically I'm not pregnant, yet.

But I figured out a way to show you who they transferred into me yesterday!

Keep praying!

I'll keep resting...



Patterico said...

The bottom one is the cute one. The top one has all the personality.

Ash said...

Chills sweetheart, I have chills. And tears. And lots and lots of sticky prayers.

Now, don't you move a muscle! XO - A

word verification = baked (no joke. Good omen for healthy buns in oven, no?)

Swizz said... are too funny!

Ash...that is a good omen! And I'm being VERY lazy. And feeling a little ill...though I think it is too early for that to be from pregnancy! :o)

backwoods conservative said...

The first thing I thought when I saw Patterico's comment was, "Jennifer and Bailey." No, I'm not suggesting names, I'm just a WKRP fan with a big crush on Jan Smithers.

MD in Philly said...

When we were expecting our first I told a colleague that if the baby was a girl we were going to name her "Erin". He replied, "Well, if he's a boy you could name him "Aaron" too".

So... if things go well and you have a boy and girl, you could name them Erin and Aaron.

The things you have to put up with when your brother posts a comment directing people here...