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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Livingston, Montana...first edition

IN rhyme...

A double rainbow

 And bunnies and birds

 Friends new and old

 There just aren't words.

 A sasquatch prank...

Doing the plank!

 Not in a tree...
Boy are we goofy!


backwoods conservative said...

It looks like I've got some competition when it comes to photographing scenic beauty. Those are some really nice shots. I really like the one of you girls standing in the woods. Some of my favorite photos have been of trails leading off into the woods. Trails have a way of calling to me.

Notice the dark area between the rainbows. It results from light being bent in two different and opposite directions to produce the rainbows, leaving less light in the middle.

Baloney said...

The planking pic cracked me up.