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Friday, August 26, 2011

Fierce RACCOON Trapper?

I have a friend who is a fierce Beaver trapper.
Don't believe me?
Go read about it for yourself!

I, on the other hand, am a fierce raccoon trapper.
I didn't set out that way.
In fact, I set out to be a fierce armadillo trapper.
Darn those armadillos!
They dig up flower beds.
They root in the yard.
They dig under fences.

They are a menace!

So, The Doc borrowed a trap from a friend.
We baited it.
Something ate the bait through the bars.

We baited it again.

This is what we found when we looked the next day:

He was so cute!

And so tired.

We just had to let him go!
We covered the trap, propped the door open and waited for him to run out.  I only turned my head for ONE second and drat I missed the winning shot.  It would have been good, too.

Run, Racoon, Run!
Go find your Momma!

Now back to becoming a fierce armadillo trapper!


texasholly said...

ha! I love it. Your raccoon is much cuter than the ones that live near my house...they resemble rats more than Ranger Rick.

Ash said...

Ah sweet thing. In the cage I mean, out, they raid my garbage. Grr.

When you're done, head up here. I have a few moles that need to be dispatched :)

Hope all is well!!