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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Side effects of Allegra

JMonster's allergies have been HORRIBLE lately.

Just terrible!
His nose is junky and his eczema is flaring up.
Poor guy.

He usually takes Zyrtec, Singulair, and Flonase every day.

We decided we'd try Allegra.

Why not?

He's been on Zyrtec since he was 2...maybe he's immune to it now.

The switch has been insanity!

He is over the top hyperactive.

Unable to focus.

Eyes wide and VERY bright.

Oh, Lord, please get me a glass of wine and a xanax type of behavior.

(I mean for me, not him!)

Not sure how long we will let this experiment last.

It took about 2 weeks for things to settle down when we started Singulair.

1 comment:

Baloney said...

Michael is actually on a prescription called Palgic because Allegra doesn't work on him.
Good news - Michael outgrew his need for Singular a few years ago after a few years of allergy shots and eventually a tonsillectomy.
Good luck!