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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wisconsin and Unions...Oh My!

This will be brief, that's all I have time for.  I'm just a tad bit confused and need your input!

So, what is up with the unions in Wisconsin?  
Why are the teachers going on strike?
And why should we care?

I haven't had time to do my usual research, so I'm depending on all of YOU to fill me in!
Let's hear it!


backwoods conservative said...

Wisconsin is facing a budget crisis. The governor is trying to cut the budget enough to keep the state from going bankrupt. Some of his cuts will come from the generous pay and benefits package the teachers union has managed to negotiate for themselves.

As is usual for unions, the teachers union seems to believe their employers have an unlimited ability to meet their demands. The governor correctly informed them that is not the case, and the teachers went on strike. By shutting down the schools, the teachers have shown they care more about their salaries and benefits than they do about the kids' education.

This kind of battle is being fought by Governor Christie in New Jersey, and will be fought in other states as harsh fiscal realities become impossible to ignore any longer.

Swizz said...

Thank you, Backwoods!

My question would there ANYPLACE else they could cut? Frivolous spending anywhere? Parades, decorations, Congress'pay and benefits packages, etc...?

Teachers make very little comparatively, and it seems like teachers, police, firemen, EMT's...they tend to take the first hit in cases like this.

I loved the movie "Dave" and would LOVE to see that played out statewide and nationwide! (I know, not reality!)

backwoods conservative said...

It is conventional wisdom that teachers are poor and underpaid, and in some places that may still be true. But according to the information I have the Wisconsin teachers are doing much better than I've ever done. Also, what is being proposed is not a reduction in salary but a requirement that that public union employees contribute more to the cost of their benefits than they have been. They've been getting off easy in that department.

Michelle Malkin makes these points much better than I could.

There is considerable debate going on about the role of unions in public sector employment and the amount of money government jobs pay, which in many cases tends to be much more than comparable work in the private sector. This pay comes out of the pockets of the taxpayers and deprives the private sector of funds needed to invest in economic growth, something the private sector is much better at than the government.

I'm sure there are many areas of wasteful spending in government which should be eliminated, and with the mood the taxpayers are in any politician who wants to keep his job will be well advised to look at all of them.