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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Just in time for Valentine's...

This was JMonster's first Valentine's!  Notice the "happy" hair!

SO I'm brushing JMonster's teeth tonight, while at the same time he is combing my hair.  

Who needs a girl? :o)

We get finished and he starts brushing his hair.

While staring in the mirror he announces:

"Momma, I'm going to get my first kiss when I am 5."

"You are?"

"Yes, my first kiss."

"Who will you kiss?"

(Cuz inquiring minds want to know what's going on in that 4 year old brain!)


"Then why do you think you will get your first kiss when you are 5?"

"My fortune cookie said so!"

(Me grinning.)

"But we don't believe in fortunes, do we Momma?"

"No buddy, we don't.  And it is probably a good idea to wait for that first kiss.  At least until you are 6."

(Whew!  Nipped THAT one in the bud!)

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