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Saturday, February 8, 2014

And did I mention...WE MOVED!?!

I don't have the energy to tell the entire story today,
(and speaking of energy, there's a story there, too!)

But I wanted to show y'all our new property.

Our FOREVER property!

22 acres...we are sharing with my sister and her family.
Our barn...we renovated it.
This was part way through construction.

Our back deck

The view from our terrace.
And, yes, the sound of the fountain is amazing!

We even planted a garden!

View across lake...the terrace juts out into the water.
Picture was taken from where my sister's house will stand, looking at the back of our house.
Our little slice of Heaven here on Earth!

1 comment:

backwoods conservative said...

Would you quit making so much noise?! How's a man supposed to get any sleep around here with you blogging all the time!

But seriously, I still check in when I first go online in the morning. I kept thinking, one of these days she's going to surprise me and post something.

The new place looks nice. Congratulations!