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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Federal Budget...WHY did I sit and read it?

I made the mistake of sitting down to read the federal budget.

I know!  I know!  Stupid.

My thought process probably went something like this:

"I wonder what the government spends our money on?"

"They seem to overspend...not thinking about a true budget at all."

"WE stay within a budget in our house."

"In the movie Dave they were able to balance the budget."

"I love the movie Dave!"

"Maybe they need ME to look at the budget and find the excesses."

So...I did.

Whoa!  Did you know that the federal government will spend almost $23 BILLION on Reforming and extending unemployment
insurance, but only $1 MILLION on Helping entrepreneurs and small businesses
access capital and grow?

Seems backward to me.

People who are NOT working vs people who are making a go at starting a new life.

These are the types of things which irk me.

I am ALL for helping people.  I am!
(Didn't you see me help that person the other day?  Maybe it was last week?  Or last month?)

However, it must be in the right context.

And it must set people up for success.

Our system is broken, and it keeps those in need...well, in need!

I suggest you do NOT read the budget.

Unless you are one of those who enjoys horror movies and nightmares.

(Anyone else out there make this same mistake?)


backwoods conservative said...

Our current government is a nightmare. I have never gone into a new year with less optimism than I have now, and the rampant stupidity of those running the government is why. I might add that the stupidity is shared by far too many of the voters.

There's a train wreck coming, and the politicians are just going to keep playing their little games instead of making the tough and rational decisions it would take to avoid it.

backwoods conservative said...

BTW, if you've read the federal budget, you've probably done something none of the Congresscritters did.