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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

We've moved!

If you've been wondering where I've been...
Why I haven't been posting...
What life is like for me...

We moved!
(And I'm still homeschooling!  And am still a wife.  And a mom.  And...)

We're now leasing a home about 20 minutes from where we were.

It's not huge.
It's not small!
It is a perfect place for our family in this phase of our lives.

Maybe I'll post a pic or two when the boxes are cleaned out!
As I sit here at the computer, though, I look around and see a kitchen full of healthy foods.
I can hear The Rev watching a documentary in the living room.
I can picture Skipper sleeping on his pillow by the couch.
JMonster is asleep upstairs in his adorable penguin room.
(You DO remember he is obsessed with penguins, right!?!)

All is right with the world...

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