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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Telling your child about The Easter Bunny (& Santa & The Tooth Fairy)

5 years old and knows too much!
Today was the day.

JMonster wouldn't be put off when he asked.

"Is the Easter Bunny REAL?"

We've never lied to him.

We've just been very good at deflecting his questions.

"Look, Buddy, it's a giant spider!"

But today, his persistence won.

JMonster has joined the ranks of adults.

He now knows...

And my heart is breaking just a little for the loss of that magic.

And I'm also sighing in relief.

No more hiding!

So, do your kiddos still believe?

How did you tell them?


Texan Mama @ Who Put Me In Charge said...

Yay for you!!! and J-Monster!!! Now you can focus on the real meaning of Easter & Christmas. As for the tooth fairy, well, you're on your own there. :-)

Baloney said...

Now if you will just make sure he doesn't tell the other kids.
Some snotty kid in Jacob's class said all sorts of horrible things and had Jacob crying at home about Santa, etc.
Jacob still wants to believe and so we let him.
What is really fun is watching Michael play along. It's adorable! We had to tell Michael this year so he wouldn't get made fun of. It was awful. He cried. :(

Swizz said...

We had the big talk about not telling other kiddos. JM is actually a VERY sweet boy. He's not one that enjoys seeing others hurt, but actually is so tender hearted he will cry if he thinks he hurt someone else.

I will remind him again, once the holidays roll around, that we have a BIG secret he is not to share!

Baloney, so sorry your kids had to find out in difficult ways! :o(