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Saturday, July 3, 2010

The world through JMonster's eyes

JMonster got his camera out today.  You know the one...his adorable Diego camera he got from his grandmothers for his 3rd birthday.  He had me put new batteries in it.  Then he had me download all of the pictures off of it so he could start afresh.

Here are a few of the pictures he took today.

He actually was trying to pose us...too adorable!  "Daddy, you do this..." and he'd strike some pose that looked like a model.

Maybe we have a fledgling photographer on our hands!

If so, we'll need to get him a MUCH better camera.

Cousin "A"

 Auntie M (Not sure WHAT she was doing!)

A picture of me taken unaware!

 A basketball!?!

His camera has a timer on it.  These last few were taken with him setting the camera up, setting the timer, and then "arranging" us!


1 comment:

daflowers said...

I LOVE THAT BOY! Tell him to send me the family pix he took of the 3 of you!